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Every family has its 'Christmas Program' stories. I still hear people reminisce about the time my little 5 year-old brother, dressed as a shepherd, rode the altar rail like a horse during the Christmas program at our church. Why people feel the need to tell me about it, I'm not sure, but there it is. 

In our own household we have a fair bit of video and picture evidence that our sons were involved in Christmas programs both at Northview and at school. The stories attached to these photographs and videos have become important parts of our family culture.

This Sunday (December 5 at 10:30), Discoveryland is presenting What? No Angels? at Northview. This is a locally written and directed play which explores the key themes of Christmas through acting, singing and dancing. The cast has been rehearsing for weeks and are eagerly anticipating the show.

Many memories will be created. Looking forward to having you in them. 



Laura said on Wednesday, December 15, 2010:

It was such a fun day! I hope every on liekdt he play. :)

Luara said on Wednesday, December 15, 2010:

Oops! I spelled "Liked" Wrong. Gotta re-read posts!

Pastor Darryl said on Wednesday, December 15, 2010:

Ha ha... hear you on the online spelling!

I was talking with someone yesterday who told me that he had heard comments from many people that 'What? No Angels?' was something special. They couldn't put their finger on what it was that made it feel different... just that it did.

Awesome- I have some ideas on what made it special, but for that we'll have to grab a coffee or an eggnog shake sometime!

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